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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are your language combinations?

Currently, this service includes any combination of English, French and German and Spanish. We will be gradually expanding our language combinations in the future, as we are carefully building relationships with other trusted professionals.

How much do you charge for your service?

All our price estimates are final, no surprises. This means that you will be charged the same amount as in your estimate, as long as there are no changes on deadlines and work volume agreed in advance.

Prices are valued according to the type of document, size, format, deadlines and special assignments.

Surcharges may apply if there is a change of conditions after the purchase order, but you will be notified about any surcharge in a timely manner before proceeding with the changes. We can accept changes in the text without any cost, even after delivery. Please contact today to learn more.

As we become more familiar with your needs, we can deliver more efficiently at a lower cost. The more we work together, the better your price will be.

If you are an Agency, donít hesitate to contact us today for a long-term agreement.

What file formats can you accept?

Any major format can be accepted: Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, as well as InDesign images. CAT formats for TRADOS or WORDFAST are also accepted, among others. We can also accept encrypted messages. Please let us know in advance the software that you are using for such purpose. If your file is different from those mentioned, please contact us to sort it out.

What is a CAT tool?

A CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation) is any single software which a translator may use to perform a translation. An online dictionary can be considered as a CAT tool. However, most of the time we refer to translation memories.

Translation memories are massive databases which enable the translator to store their translated sentences and recover them again automatically whenever they come out on a new document. This tool can provide consistent documents and time-saving automatic research, which in turn will let us give a better price for customers. Not all formats, however, can be read by a translation memory. Some PDF documents and images are not compatible.

Why should I hire your translation services if my bilingual employees can do them instead?

Nobody but your team knows best how to make your business work, and probably there are no professionals outside who can do a better translation than your employees.

However, your qualified staff may also need to fulfil more important tasks for which they were hired. Time is limited and very expensive.

Using your employees to do other tasks than their own implies a hidden cost which is difficult to gage. It can also create bad feelings and hinder their motivation towards their job.

A competent translation service invests in expensive technology and trained specialists to help you receive heavy translation projects in less time for a reasonable price while helping your team focus on more important issues. At the end of the day, you may save money and your team can enjoy their work again.

For short writings such as letters, internal reports, minutes, etc., you may not need to hire a translator, but your staff can benefit from our consulting assistance any time at no cost.

If your translation volume is so high that you are considering to hire an in-house translator, do not hesitate to consult us in order to recommend you a professional or create a long-term agreement with your company.

Why should I hire a translation service if I can get a computer translation for free?

A machine translation is useful to roughly understand what a general e-mail or document is about, click on a foreign website or understand a brochure. It will be strongly advisable, however, to hire a professional translator for any document that you need to publish or share with other colleagues or clients at a professional level. A good translator may also advise you to modify certain content that would probably not work out in the target market for cultural reasons. Under no circumstances should you use a machine translation for legally-binding documents, especially those to be submitted to local regulators.

Do you have a different question? Please contact us today.